A Blockchain Explanation Your Parents Could Understand

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3 Jan 2018.

For a simple explanation read the article "Here's a blockchain explanation your parents could understand" by Jamie Skella and published in teh.

15 May 2019.

Find out how at their most basic level, blockchains are ledgers, like a record book used by accountants. An introductory Blockchain for.

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28 Nov 2017.

This is a relatively quick read for those of you who've seen my About Me,

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9 Mar 2018.

The technology behind Bitcoin and Ethereum is still shrouded in.

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We should broaden it out to blockchain, which will have other applications.”.

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22 Nov 2017.

This is how you can talk to Mom and Dad about Bitcoin and.

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The ultimate 3500-word guide in plain English to understand Blockchain.

description, here's an explanation of blockchain your parents could understand.