Bitcoin Diamond How To Claim

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11 Mar 2018.

Claim Tool How to claim from non- segwit address.

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I found out how to claim Bitcoin Diamond and Super Bitcoin today, now that Bitcoin Diamond has a major pump and I was.

by olsm.

Here are some pointers for claiming and selling Bitcoin Diamond (BCD). This is a guide through a set of suggestions for the safest methods for protecting your.

So, why fork off from the world's largest and best-known cryptocurrency? The creators of Bitcoin Diamond claim they wanted to tackle several perceived.

How to claim Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Super Bitcoin (SBTC) and other forks from a segwit addressIn this article, I'm going to lay out what these forks are, where the software is published and how to claim them if you dare. A few caveats before we get started. I'm.

7 Jul 2018.

The Electrum fork for bitcoin diamond (BCD). We were able to claim BCD using our existing seed. After using both Ian Coleman's tool and.